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Thank You My Friend! You are in!!! I'm super excited to help you feel vibrant, lit-up, and in love with yourself as you unlock your healing codes to shift your heartbreak pain into deep peace and ecstasy. I can't wait for the magic that is about to unfold in your life! 


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Imagine 90 days from now....

You feel happy, energized, and renewed because you no longer ache, your heart is no longer broken, and you have let go of your ex.

Finally, you unleashed your true power, released old patterns and heartbreak pain, set and enforced your boundaries, and healed your heart. Yes, you are unapologetically you. 

It almost seems surreal. You can hardly believe it is possible for your waking hours. And yet here you are, smirking and enjoying yourself and the possibilities ahead.

How do you feel when you imagine that? Oh yes!!!

Are you ready to make that vision your reality? Absolutely! This is your sacred invitation to book your free and no obligations heart-to-heart chat. By the end of our session you will receive a custom map-plan to help you unlock your traumas, learn how to create a healthy mindset and self intimacy, and shift your pain into ecstasy

It’s only when you allow yourself to act, decide to heal, get support, and speak up that you can heal, shine, and move on. I got you!!!! Are you ready to go from heartbreak to HEARTLOVE?


Breakups, Healing, and Self-Love: Find Inner Peace

I had a twisted idea of love and relationships early on. Hence, for self-preservation, I vowed never to be vulnerable or be a victim of love.


Unbelievably, I grew up and found myself repeating the same sins that my family and society promoted. It was then that it dawned on me to break down my walls and give love a chance, in my life, once again. But there was a problem. I had forgotten how to love. I had so much protected my heart from love for so long that I was now clueless about how to love and be loved.


Follow my journey on finding love and healing from failed relationships. In this book, I am sharing my blueprint on healing from breakups and finding inner peace all by accepting myself, others and using my pain as a fuel to grow and be a better version of myself.


Investment $24.95

Self Dating Tribe

Date yourself after your heartbreak to build resilience and self intimacy.

Self Dating Tribe is a VIP Membership and a sisterhood tribe to support your healing and growth after your divorce, breakup, uncoupling, or loss of your partner.

Go on a date with yourself with your virtual tag tribe for support to unlock your trauma, learn how to create a healthy mindset and self intimacy, and shift your pain into ecstasy.

What You Get
✨ monthly masterclasses
✨ healing circles
✨ biweekly date nights
✨ unprecedented support
✨ much more

This Is For

women transitioning from a breakup, divorce, or loss
women wanting to learn to love themselves

✨ women looking to achieve self intimacy

90-Minutes Healing Session

Learn the 4 secrets to heal your broken heart after a breakup, divorce, or loss by releasing your traumas and building your resilience and self intimacy muscles.


Are ready to FIRE your heartbreak?


✨ The 4 Secrets will be centered around ✨


1. Evaluation
Shift out of resentment and brokenness to deeply connect with your truth.

2. Acceptance
Accept the death of your relationship and release any karmic pressure and old patterns.

3. Forgiveness
Learn how to celebrate your relationship and say goodbye.

4. Healing
Let go emotionally, physically, intellectually, mentally and spiritually.


What You Get

✨ Safe space to share your story

✨ 90-minutes session

✨ Heartbreak assessment

✨ Learn and practice the 4 secrets to heal your broken heart


Investment $199.00

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